Investor relations is a strategic management responsibility that has the capability to integrate communication, finance, securities law compliance, and marketing to enable the most two-way communication between a business, the financial community, and other constituencies, which then contributes to an organization’s securities achieving fair valuation.


The expertise of Omni Build Inc. begins with strategic acquisition. The carefully selected real estate offers investors the benefit of rapid value, and engineering a potential site guarantees a solid base for a predictable investment return.


The firm’s tested and established team thrives on adding value to every step of the development and building process. From securing rights that optimize a project’s inhabitable area while creating aesthetically rich design concepts, to competently constructing buildings that give the community aesthetic a new meaning, all the while making money for the stakeholders.


With a sharp sense of market timing, our company follows a conservative, low leverage investment philosophy. Omni Build’s experience and long-term relationships with financial institutions as well as local brokers offer various access channels for greater opportunities that lead to increased returns and proper product placement.


Investing in Omni Build Inc. is equivalent to claiming a stake in a multi-faceted business with more than a decade of experience in successful new constructions of both residential and commercial real estate projects, strategically designed and placed in New York’s dynamic real estate market.

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